Accessing SLS.Net Login and Other Helpful Information

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SLS –– also known as Specialized Loan Servicing, is a third-party service that offers portfolio optimization performance on behalf of their many clients. A few of the services they offer include loan modification (including mortgage or home equity line of credit services) as well as partnerships for holders of financial risk for investors. If you are in need of assistance with managing your home loan or are on the hunt for a partner in your next financial investment, SLS is the way to go. This article will be showing you how to log into SLS’s online account services, as well as list some other useful information. The online account center makes it simple to manage your loans and other investments.

Registering For An Account on SLS.Net

If you do not already have an account on, signing up is really quite simple. You can sign up for an account by going to the account creation page and following the below instructions:

  • Enter your email address
  • Re-enter email address for verification
  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Click the orange “Continue” button underneath the text boxes.
  • Create your login information. Save this or write it down, as you will need it later.
  • Follow any further instructions given to you by the website

sls login

Logging In As A Customer

Now that you have created an account, you can now log into the online account center. There are two ways to login, depending on whether you are a customer or an investor. First, we’ll talk about logging in as a customer. Go to and follow the below instructions:

  • Click the “LOGIN” link under the Customer section. Here is an example:
    sls customers
  • Enter your email address that you used to create your account in the provided text box.
  • Enter your password in the next text box. Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Click “Log In” button underneath text boxes
  • Follow any further instructions given by the website
  • If you forget your password, you can click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions to reset it
    simple login page

Logging In As An Investor

Now we will talk about logging in as an investor. Return to and follow the instructions:

  • Click the “Login” button underneath the Investors section
  • Enter the email address that you used to create your account in the first text box
    Enter your password in the next provided text box. Remember that your password is case-sensitive.
  • Click the “Log In” button underneath the boxes.
  • Follow any further instructions given to you by the website

Additional Information And Links

  • Customer care phone: 1-800-315-4757
  • Fax: 1-720-241-7218
  • Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
  • P.O. Box 636005
    Littleton, CO 80163-6005
  • Attn: Customer Care Support
  • Email: To contact by email, log into your account, select “Contact Us” and follow the instructions given in order to contact SLS customer service by email.

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