Best Travel Rewards Cards

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Travel rewards cards enable frequent flyers and those who otherwise do a lot of shopping to accrue points with every purchase which can then be used towards the purchase of any number of vacation expenses and rewards, including domestic and international flights, cruises, access to exclusive airport lounges, and top-tier hotel rooms.

Many major banks offer these cards for their customers. Oftentimes, the travel rewards are part of a more general credit card rewards program in which points can be put towards other goods and services outside of travel.

A travel rewards credit card is an ideal investment to make if you are planning a future holiday getaway with your friends or loved ones, and it’s also a great idea to make sure you research into the various cards offered by most major banks. Choosing the best rewards card for your needs and budget can help you with extra savings on airfare, hotels, and other travel expenses.

When you are researching a travel card, make sure that you look beyond the initial signup bonus, because extra attention should be paid to rewards rates and other enticing perks that may sway your decision. This article will discuss our picks for the best travel cards for this year. Every one of these travel cards offer lucrative points bonuses and superb options to accrue and redeem your points to maximize their value.

Best Travel Credit Card

chase card

If you do any traveling to any place in the world, especially internationally, you may want to consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. On top of cool rewards like 2x the points on travel and dining at restaurants as well as 1 point per dollar on all other purchases, cardholders of the Chase Sapphire Preferred can also earn 40,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 in their first three months. Another highlight is a 1:1 point transfer to leading frequent travel programs at full value. In short, 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points equals 1,000 partner miles or points. The annual fee for this card is $0 for the first year, and $95 thereafter.

Best Flat-Rate Travel Card

venture card

The Capitol One Venture Rewards card gives 2 “No Hassle Miles” on every purchase, which means bonus rewards on everything. No Hassle Miles can be redeemed in a number of ways. They can be used as a credit towards travel expenses such as airfare tickets and hotel rooms booked through whatever your favorite travel site is (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.). Like all Capitol One cards, there are also zero foreign transaction fees when using this card for purchases made abroad, which is sure to save you more than a pretty penny. The annual fee is $0 for the first year and $59 for subsequent years.

Best Card With No Annual Membership Fee

Bank Americard Travel Rewards Credit Card

The Bank Americard Travel Rewards Credit Card has the distinct honor of featuring the triple crown of travel perks:

  1. An annual fee of $0
  2. No foreign transaction fees
  3. EMV chip enabled

It also earns 1 ½ points on every dollar spent, and these points can then be redeemed for travel expenses such as hotels, rental cars, flights, and others by calling or going online and requesting a statement credit. Another bonus for Bank of America customers is the opportunity to earn a points divident of either 25%, 50%, or 75% through the Preferred Rewards program. The bonus you receive here depends on the type of account you hold and your total amount of assets.

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