Should You Let Technology Handle Your Finances?

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As with most things concerning technology, there are two primary camps: The first believes that everything should be done on one’s own with tech services helping push things along here and there, and the second thinks that anything that can be done automatically should be used to make our lives more efficient. The thing is, though, that neither group really has knock-out punch when it comes to handling your finances.


The real question for you should lie in where do you stand on this spectrum? If you are comfortable signing up for automatic bill payment for every single one of your monthly invoices, then by all means you should sign up for all of those services.

On the other hand, if you like seeing the minutia behind where your money is coming and going, you should stick to that and do what you feel is most comfortable. When it comes to your money, you should be handling your bills however you see fit.

While a lot can be said for micromanaging every penny in your account, though, we here at About Bill Pay are big fans of management services and automatic bill payment. But, on that same note, we also pride ourselves on staying up to date with everything that goes on with our bank accounts in general (we do, after all, work in financial dealings). That being said, we are somewhat middle of the road in regards to technological control simply due to the fact that we still manually monitor all of our income and payments.

Whatever the case, the fact of the matter in regards to the question of whether or not you should let technology handle your finances is just how comfortable you are with trusting a computer with taking care of such transactions. If you are already okay with paying your bills online, the next step isn’t a leap as all of your information is already being sent over the internet.

You see, we fully trust the security measures in place when it comes to computer-aided transactions, and letting tech handle your finances is just one small step further. The only real issue then lies in how much dedication will you have to making sure that your bank account always has enough funds available for whenever those payments are automatically withdrawn. If you already have no issues making payments on your accounts, auto payments are a time-saving dream come true. Otherwise, keep handling things on your own.

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