Accessing GoDaddy WorkSpace Email Products

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GoDaddy is a company that offers web hosting and design tools that allow their customers to put up websites even if they have no training or experience in web design or programming. Along with these services, GoDaddy offers many different tools available that make web site management and communication easier by making them as simple as possible to be as accessible as possible. Among these tools is the Workspace area, which is for all intents and purposes a fairly standard email system that offers access to the various services that are often associated with other web based or work oriented email providers. These include a calendar, IMAP support, POP support, Microsoft Outlook Express access, Microsoft Outlook 2007 connectivity and Microsoft Entourage access.

Unlike most web based email systems like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and others, you can’t simply go to the GoDaddy Workspace login page and create an account through some registration forms. You will actually have to be subscribed to and paying for services from GoDaddy. Although this means you will be spending money toward their products, the good news is that your email address can be whatever you want it to be and you will have your web site domain after the “@” symbol.

Creating an Email Address Account to Use with GoDaddy Workspace

To create your email address, you will have to log in to your GoDaddy account and go to the CPanel access area for the domain for which you wish to set up an email address. Once in the CPanel, go to the email section and choose to manage you accounts, then simply create the address and give it a password, which you will be using to access the email account through the Workspace login area.

Accessing GoDaddy Workspace Login

Sign In to an Email Account through the GoDaddy Workspace Login Area

With your GoDaddy subscription not lapsed and the account for the email address set up with a password, you can log in to your Workspace by going to the web address of After you have loaded up the page that is at that URL, you will then have to enter your user name and password that you set up during the email address setup through your GoDaddy account login. Your user name will simply be the email address itself. Once you click the large blue “LOG IN” button, you will then be logged in and able to access all of the services included with your email account.

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