Funding Medical Bills by Starting a Business – At Only 9 Years Old

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For the most part, when someone has bills to pay and earns his or her income by having a personally-owned business, that person is far more often than not an adult. However, a nine year-old Michigan girl named Morgan Franklin has done just that in an effort to help her family pay her medical bills. While most children like to help their parents in some way or another, it is rare when children take steps to help actually pay bills. The thing is, though, that Franklin discovered just how much her medical bills were setting back her family and she decided to do something about it by flexing her entrepreneurial spirit.
The business that Franklin has started began from a hobby she had prior to getting sick, which was collecting rocks. She now paints the rocks and has her mother, Elizabeth Eller, post the rocks online for sale through the Eller’s Facebook account. The painted rocks have become popular enough through shares and likes on the social networking site that Franklin is also receiving requests for personalization. In both cases, pre-made or personalized, this young girl goes the extra mile – so to speak – and delivers the painted rocks to the purchasers in person. Before Franklin began receiving national attention for starting the business, she had earned almost $200, and we’re assuming that after word got out about the rock painting (around October 7), that her workload may have taken a large boost.

Additionally, a Morgan Collette Franklin’s Needs gofundme page has been in place for quite some time, but since the story went national there has been an understandably quick growth on the crowdsourcing donation request page. To elaborate, the gofundme page was started about seven months ago and, at the time of the story breaking nationwide, the page had received about $3,900 toward its final goal of $15,000. However, since Franklin began receiving so much attention, the page is already up to nearly $8,000 on October 11, effectively doubling what she had earned in seven months in just four days.
One of the reasons that her medical bills are so high (in addition to the fact that the United States has some serious problems when it comes to our healthcare system) is that the disease is so rare. Called linear morphea, Franklin has an autoimmune disorder that, as explained by an Ann Arbor pediatrician Dr. Meredith Riebschleger, “affects between one [to] three in 100,000 children.” With odds like that, the majority of pediatricians won’t ever even see linear morphea and likely won’t even be able to diagnose it.
We here at About Bill Pay wish Morgan Franklin the best of luck in her endeavors.

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