Can We Simplify Billing Already?

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Alright, billing agencies and companies who bill their customers, it is about time that you simplify your payment processes. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that there should be any confusion whatsoever when it comes to making payments on an account. There are already a few companies who are putting out the effort to make the billing process and financial tracking easier, including the folks at Intuit, Coyn, and others, but that really just is not enough.

There is not enough word out about those kinds of tools available for consumers. Not only that, but not every bill can be paid with every bill-payment tracking app or website. The most disheartening thing about that being the case is that the technology exists to make it so without all that much effort. Considering many corporate entities have full programming teams and outreach personnel to get the connections needed to set this all up, the question now should be, “Who is going to set this up and make a serious amount of cash?”

Even experts in the healthcare industry are starting to realize that there must be an easier way to handle all of their billing. However, there is no reason that any effort they put into turning that industry’s potential bill payment procedures couldn’t end up being applied to the way the rest of the world pays their bills.

Don’t get us wrong, sites like and Intuit’s PayTrust do an excellent job of pulling all bills into one spot, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get started. First of all, you have to go through and verify your account for each bill that you want to have covered. This, by far, is where we believe there can be a tremendous amount of communication and streamlining between various companies that offer billed payments. Practically every aspect of our lives are tracked in some way or another, would it really be so difficult to link up some identifying number like, oh, our Social Security Numbers and TINs to our billing accounts and just have them easily pulled in one fell swoop?

We really don’t think it would be all that challenging for a financial company to handle this task. That being said, the ball is in your court, financial firms, we can’t wait to see what kind of great bill payment system you can come up with. It is 2015 after all, there’s no need for us to be bouncing from site to site to pay all of our bills these days, is there?

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