Bill Payment Apps Fees and Cost for Use

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While features themselves are an obvious reason to use certain apps when getting a to-go tool for paying your bills no matter where you might be, the actual cost of using the app shouldn’t end up costing you as much as the bill itself. That being the case, we’ve put together a list of bill payment apps for you that offer you free bill payment services. However, even though these are stated to be “free” as far as sending a payment is concerned, you might want to be watchful of a few pieces of information, which we will be covering in the rest of the article.

App Fee Per Bill Paid One-Time Fee
Prism 0 0
MyCheckFree 0 (fee for same-day payments and payments made with credit card) 0
BillMinder 0 $1.99-2.99 depending on platform
Mint 0 0
My Budget Book 0 $1.99-3.99
BillTracker (iPhone Only) 0 $1.99


One of two apps in this list that neither cost money to get started nor to send a payment in (the other being the Mint app, which you can read about below), Prism is a clean and simple tool that will handle most of your needs. However, there is a significant shortcoming with Prism at this time: Not all banks are available to use through this app. That being said, it’s worth a shot if you don’t care as much about money management or tracking and just want to get your bills paid with relative ease.


So when looking through the website for MyCheckFree, you will see a ton of text saying that the service is absolutely free to use, which would lead most reasonable people to expect it to be, well, free. And, for the most part it is. At least until you want to make a same-day payment or you need to pay one of your bills using a credit card, then they start tacking on charges. The worst part about this is that the site does not tell its users how much that charge is going to be until they are already just about to complete the transaction. With as underhanded as that feels, we have a hard time recommended MyCheckFree.


Apparently better suited for those on Apple products, BillMinder is available for $2.99 on both Apple and Android devices. What makes BillMinder stand out a bit from other bill payment apps is the ease with which you can share the billing information with other people who you might share those responsibilities with. Beyond that, however, the charge for the app alone makes this one you should only test out if the free ones are not quite what you need.


Simply put, this is the best bill payment and finance tracking app – Mint. You can install on your smartphone or tablet. The easy to use interface is incredibly deceptive in that this app offers so much to its users. From personalizing push notifications to custom-curated tips and moneysaving actions you can take to live a more well-rounded financial life, Personal Finance is without a doubt the best of the bunch. Best of all, there are zero costs for using Mint at any stage: The app itself is free and paying your bills doesn’t cost a cent (more than the actual bill amount, of course). Do yourself a favor and get this app straightaway.

My Budget Book

Costing between $1.99 for the Apple version and $3.99 for the Android, we have a hard time recommending My Budget Book due to both inconsistency in pricing and features between the two platforms. Like the aforementioned BillMinder, you can get all of the features from My Budget Book in the other apps discussed in this article, though BillMinder’s Android version does have a nice, simple visual aesthetic going for it.


BillTracker is very easy to set up and use and offers one of the more intuitive interfaces as far as bill payment apps are concerned. Even with the $1.99 cost of the program itself, we believe we can still recommend this app for those who are looking for something to manage their bills with. The only problem with have with BillTracker is that it’s only available for Apple devices.

Apple Devices

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